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Our IT services can help your not-for-profit organisation better cope with work practices, reporting demands, funding requirements and client caseload and management

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Our Story

NFPlabs is the passion project of Ricky Prout from Venturer Technology.  Through working on IT Solutions for a wide range of Not-for-Profit business clients, Ricky found there was a great need for these organisations to be able to access trusted professionals for advice and services that understand their challenges and often restricted budgets.

Ricky reached out through his business networks to find experts in their fields that share the same vision of providing reliable and cost-effective solutions to the problems his clients faced. This in turn has become a brains trust of businesses that truly care about the success of Not-for-Profit organisations.

NFPlabs is the one-stop resource for Not-for-Profits to access advice and services from organisational set-up to financial planning, IT Solutions to administration and compliance.

We take great pride in serving those that serve others.

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